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Post by Inoue on Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:47 pm

Smile General rules for the forum that we'd like you users to abide by. Thanks!

1. Use common sense and be nice to each other.

2. No flame wars/flaming. Mod bashing is also considered flaming.

3. We are not going to restrict swearing but please use it sparingly if at all. Swearing can be used but if it is for flaming or in excess it will be deleted.

4. No posting of explicit links/photos/etc. (This includes pornographic, nudity, references to drugs, etc.)

5. Try not to double post.

6. Threads close at 1000 posts. Mods will lock a thread that reaches this limit and you may start a new thread (new versions can be labeled as posts accumulate(Such as a new version after the first would be v2.))

7. Be sensible about sigs and avs. The current allowed sig dimensions for regular users is roughly 550px x 350px this includes text and images. Do not use giant gifs etc to keep load times down. Do not use one giant picture that takes up this entire space.

8. Keep threads on topic or posts will be deleted.

9. Try to not spam. This includes one-liners, or other spam. Just keep in mind that we do have server limits. Just be sensible about spam and keep on topic.

10. No duplicate accounts. (Purposefully making duplicate accounts will result in termination of all the accounts.)

11. No advertising threads unless previously given the ok by VirgilTheart, AceOfSpades, or Reflection.

12. Avoid harsh character bashing, it offends people and can easily lead to flame wars. If you harshly character bash we may edit your post or delete it.

13. When using tags please use sensible words. It is a search function not a spam/joke function.

14. If you post fan art, fanfics or art of any kind, please credit the artist. If we have to warn you for this more than once you may be warned.

15. Don't feed the trolls!

16. If you don't like something a mod does do not start a flame war with them, PM them or an admin to sort it out.

Please ask questions if you have them!
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